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Dropbox is a great file-sharing and file backup tool!  You can save your notes and audio easily to a folder and access them from any computer.  With automatic updates, your transcript files are always at your fingertips!


Your one-stop-shop for PDF documents: read them, edit them, convert them, sign them, send them!

Ever thought about incorporating yourself?  Do you want an LLC or an S-Corp?  This company can advise you and guide you through the paperwork.  It’s easy.  I did it!

Download the app for your cell phones and tablets to stay on top of briefs.  Hundreds of thousands of briefs at your fingertips!  Just click the link.

Build speed, test anywhere, pass tests!

Court Reporter Training. Stenography training. Certification. NCRA RPR, RMR, CRR, CBC

More than just simple dictation, Realtime Coach™ is a complete skill development package that provides:

Instant feedback on writing issues and key patterns

Powerful coaching and drills adapted to your needs

Advanced accuracy improvement tools

Professionally produced exercises in full audio, video and text modes

Variable speed audio playback

Simulated Realtime Environment with up to 4 voices

Unique reports to show practice quality and quantity

Visual progress indicators to encourage effort

Accessed with a single, convenient login online, there are no CDs to carry with you and no software to install. Whatever your current ability, Realtime Coach™ is your resource to take your skills to the next level.


• Become More Valuable in the Marketplace
• Self-Paced Speed Building and Grading
• Realtime Proficiency
• Earn CEUs at a Fraction of the Typical Cost

StenoWorks  – Located in South Florida, this online store and terrific repair shop sells machines, ergonomic supplies, keypads, cases, and so much more.  They’ll even loan you a machine while yours is out of order (for a fee, of course).

Marc Greenberg launched StenoLife in 2003, providing a central location for court reporting students, teachers and working court reporters to gather and exchange information.

Before that, Marc launched SpeedBuilders.com, an online website for dictation. From there, he moved to RPRprepCSRprep, and eventually his own online teaching program, SimplySteno.

The SimplySteno program utilizes 6 areas of focus – Dictation/Testing, Academics, Drills, Scheduling, Mental Conditioning and Creativity. All 6 of these are worked into a daily schedule that leaves nothing for you to interpret. It’s all there – step by step – guiding you exactly where you need to go.

• Become More Valuable in the Marketplace
• Self-Paced Speed Building and Grading
• Realtime Proficiency
• Earn CEUs at a Fraction of the Typical Cost

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Kindle Edition $9.99

This book currently contains approximately 700 one-stroke stenographic briefs for court reporters, captioners, and CART providers. The briefs in this book come from the base knowledge of the StenEd theory; however, it incorporates methods collected by different theories. For example, “tucking” the final G for -ing endings. The author provides some suggestions for creating new outlines for yourself as you move along your journey of shortening your strokes!

This up-to-date reference book is a valuable tool to those who frequently work with words such as court reporters, writers, editors, and students. This book packs in over 10,000 words. Is it one word, two words, hyphenated? Just take a look inside and you will find out which of those you need for your particular usage. Two well-respected dictionaries were used to create this one-stop resource. The main entries in the book are derived from Merriam-Webster (2010) and the secondary entries from American Heritage (2013) to bring you the current spelling and parts of speech. Words change over time, and it is crucial to your work at hand that you stay current when it comes to resource material. It is our belief here at Walker House Publishing that resources more than five years old by its publication date are serving little to no value. Make an investment in yourself!

Who better to guide you than Grammar Girl herself, Mignon Fogarty? Master the 2017 Stylebook, at your convenience with this on-demand recording as the New York Times best-selling author walks you through the most important rules, reinforces concepts with quick quizzes and answers questions from the audience.

Grammar Girl brings clarity to matters such as:

The difference between writing styles and rules, and why AP style matters

Exceptions to AP’s guidance to omit the serial (or Oxford) comma

Tricky apostrophes, and whether it should be “Jones’ slippers” or “Jones’s slippers”

Words you should avoid because they are offensive or libelous

Collective nouns and singular nouns, and why the zombie horde is (not “are”) coming for us

The proper use of company names, and whether it should be written “IKEA” or “Ikea.”

How to use “camel case”

The AP Stylebook is the leading reference book for most reporters who receive your pitches. Even the PR department for University of Oxford follows AP style, meaning Oxford’s press releases omit the “Oxford” comma.

Reference Guides

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