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Letter Size – 8.5×11″ or A5 Size – 5.83×8.3″

Portrait or Landscape Layout

Court Reporter’s Planner Specs:

Full Size -$40 – A5 – $35

  •  (4) Blank Months with Monthly Overview Pages
  • (16) Weekly Planners – map out your meals and appointments for the week
  • (16) Weekly Schedule – hours are notes and a section for jobs due so you can block out time during your days to work on transcripts will keep you even more organized, and you won’t miss a deadline.
  • (16) Week-At-A-Glance Pages
  • (80) Reporter Worksheets – have all the case, witness(es), attorneys, and transcript order details at your fingertips
  • (6) Job Logs — just check off when you’re done with each job  – the longer Reporter Job Log contains entry space for your scopist/proofreader, exhibits, file location, and invoicing.
  • (6) Scopist/Proofreader Worksheets  – help keep an eye on what job is being worked on by which person, how much is due, when the bill is paid, and if you need to write up a tax form for them.
  • (6) Subcontractor Forms – another tax helper for when you have to send out IRS forms
  • (10) Contacts Pages – keep up with your clients, birthdays, vacations, family info, etc.  Remembering their kids’ names will leave a lasting impression for repeat business!
  • (6) Mileage Tracker  Pages – save time at tax season
  • (6) Expense List Pages – your accountant will love you even more
  • (2) Vehicle Maintenance Record Pages – even if you lose the receipts, you’ll know how much you paid for new tires and oil changes and when your next service is due
  • (2) Bill Payment Worksheets – never forget to pay a bill or lose track of those auto-payments
  • (1) Password Cheat Sheet for when you’re trying to log on to a website and remember which of your 50 password combinations you used.
  • (1) Medical Information Page – no more sitting with a blank look each time you are at a doctor’s appointment or are in need of your In Case of an Emergency list.
  • (1) Important Reporter Contacts Page – never lose track of how to contact your office and all its departments as well as support for your equipment and software for those moments of panic!
  • (4) Briefs of the Day Pages – for when you get a brilliant brief during a job that you want to use forever
  • (8) Section Dividers to give you inspiration and motivation along the way
  • (1) Pocket for business cards, exhibit stickers, paper clips, etc.

B2B Reporter’s Planner Specs:

Full Size – $30 – A5 – $25

  •  (4) Blank Months
  • (16) Weekly Planners
  • (16) Weekly Schedule
  • (16) Week-At-A-Glance Pages
  • (6) Job Logs
  • (6) Scopist/Proofreader Worksheets
  • (6) Subcontractor Forms
  • (10) Contacts Pages
  • (6) Mileage Tracker  Pages 
  • (6) Expense List Pages
  • (2) Vehicle Maintenance Record Pages
  • (2) Bill Payment Worksheets
  • (1) Password Cheat Sheet
  • (1) Medical Information Page 
  • (1) Important Reporter Contacts Page
  • (4) Briefs of the Day Pages
  • (8) Section Dividers
  • (1) Pocket

My Planner Specs:

Full Size – $30 – A5 – $25

  •  (6) Blank Months with Monthly Overview Pages
  • (24) Weekly Planners
  • (24) Week-At-A-Glance Pages
  • (10) Contacts Pages
  • (8) Expense List Pages
  • (2) Vehicle Maintenance Record Pages
  • (2) Bill Payment Worksheets
  • (1) Password Cheat Sheet
  • (1) Medical Information Page
  • (6) Section Dividers
  • (1) Pocket

Have a company logo you want for your cover or maybe your name with images of your loved ones, order now!  ($3 extra per cover)

To order a personalized/customized cover or worksheets, fill out the form below, call me at (561)715-5808, or email me at thestylishstenographer@gmail.com

Buy 10 or more planners, receive 15% off and free shipping

Create your own cover with your family photos, personalize it with your name, or your favorite non-copyrighted image! (JPG, PNG formats only)
The Court Reporter's Planner includes Reporter Worksheets. B2B Reporter's Planner includes the B2B Reporter Worksheets. My Planner is customizable with the selection of inserts available without reporter worksheets. Large is Letter size (8.5" x 11") Small is A5 size (5.8" x 8.3")
The B2B worksheet provides spaces for you to fill in the date, time, job no., witness name, order info., billing details, and an exhibit/notes section. No frills, just the facts!
Portrait is 8.5" x 11" Landscape is 11" x 8.5" for Large Planners; Portrait is 5.8" x 8.3" Landscape is 8.3" x 5.8" for Small Planners
The Job Log is a shorter form that includes: date, job no., case style, witness name, order, due date, total pages, amount paid, and date paid. The Reporter's Log includes all of what's noted in the Job Log, but it adds: invoice information and proofreader/scopist details.
Choose the pages you want to be included in your Planner!


Paper products will be mailed to you. All items are in digital format and are available immediately after purchase.

My products are created for personal and business uses. You may not resell, redistribute, or share these products in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any design, digital or printed, on any online store.

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