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Moving Forward with 2018

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This past month has been full of challenges and hurdles, wins and losses, success and personal failure.  It’s everything that comes with the job of a reporter.  For those of you who don’t know about me, I’m a proud single mom of a beautiful teenage daughter.  I commute 3 hours a day to work where I get the quality and quantity of work that I seek to make ends meet as well as feel personal success in more complex and technical reporting.

But where does it end?  I’ve been fortunate to have made some wonderful friends who understand when I have to break plans or arrive late or look more like a zombie than myself.  But I also had to end an almost 9-month relationship because I was always late, looking like a zombie, had to be present for my daughter, had an expedite to get out, etc.  Always disappointing one of my favorite people!  It would have been selfish of me to keep doling out scraps of me to someone deserving of so much more.

For those who have a 9-5 job and can leave their work at the office until the next day (and maybe no kids to rush home to) kudos to you!  That kind of life just doesn’t match mine.  Sometimes it’s not enough to want to give someone the world, you have to be able to get your hands on it for yourself first before you can even dream of sharing it with another person.

My resolution for 2018, and what I’ve been trying to practice starting now, is self-care, self-love, balance, and learning to say, No.  I have to make my family my priority, then work, then friends and maybe even a relationship.  It takes a solid team to get dinner on the table, dogs walked and fed, and pages/homework finished at a reasonable hour. 


I need to be kind to myself.  I am not perfect, I have limitations, but I have many wonderful qualities, too!

I need to accept the things I cannot change.  I can only control what I do, think, say, feel.

I need to rest and nourish my body in healthy ways – fresh air, walks, healthy packed lunches.

I need to make time for just me – whether that’s a mani/pedi, watching a TV show, reading a new book, etc.

I need to unplug – computer, phone, TV – and just be.

I’m no good to anyone else if I’m exhausted, distracted, unbalanced within.

I will try to not overanalyze every situation.

I will let go of negative influences in my life.

I will make more time to create memories with my daughter.

I will take time to do what makes me happy – painting, crafts, blog!

I will turn the negatives into positives – find beauty all around you.

I will remind myself I am worthy, I am strong, I am the best ME possible.

I have always aimed high, but I can aim high and still keep my beautiful heels on the ground.  It’s not quitting, it’s just time that I make myself important, too. 

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