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Dress for Success

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Flip-flops, spaghetti straps,

and heavy makeup, oh my!  

Ladies, it’s work, not a nightclub or a trip to the supermarket.  If you like your skirts and dresses as much as I do, bring a scarf to drape over your knees so you’re not showing the world your goods.  A nicely tailored suit goes a long way, just mix and match your camis and heels to change up the look.

If suits aren’t your style, or you live in a warm climate where it’s too darn hot for all that material, wear that sundress with a light sweater to cover your shoulders for those cold conference rooms, no spaghetti straps, though.
Now for the shoes, peep toes and flats are okay; strappy heels and flip-flop sandals, not so much.

Keep the perfume, makeup, and jewelry minimal.

Remember: less is more!

Keep in mind that you want to make a nice, professional impression and make your clients appreciate your work, not your legs (although, I’m sure they’re fabulous!).


And men, I haven’t forgotten about you.  Dress pants and/or chinos with a dress shirt and tie.   Depending on where you’ll be located, if you’re in court or a law office, wear a jacket, too.  If you’re in your own office, the choice of jacket and tie is yours!

No jeans, no sneakers, no matter how cool they look!

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