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Business address                           BAES

Current address                             KAES

Email address                                MAES

Former address                              FRAES

Full name and address                 FLAES

Home address                               HAES    

IP address                                       PIPS

Permanent address                      PAEMS

Present address                             PRAES

Previous address                           VAES

Prior address                                  PRAERS

Residential address                      RAERS

Street address                               STRAES

Web address                                  WAES


After her accident                         AERX

After his accident                          AIX

After my accident                         AOIX

After that accident                        AFRZ

After the accident                         AEX

After this accident                        AIFRX

After your accident                       AURX

Freak accident                                FRAOEX

Horrible accident                           BL-X

Last accident                                  SLAX

Major fatality accident                 MAFX

Morning of the accident              MOFX

Motor vehicle accident                MORX

Motorcycle accident                     MOIX

Night of the accident                    NIFX

Prior to that accident                    PRAX

Prior to the accident                     PREX

Prior to this accident                    PRIX

Prior to your accident                   PRURX

Scene of that accident                  SNAX

Scene of the accident                   SNEX or S-X

Scene of this accident                   SNIX

Since the accident                         SN-X

Slip and fall accident                     SF-X

That accident                                 THAX

The accident                                   THEX

This accident                                  THIX

Time of the accident                     T-FX

Traffic accident                              TRAFX

Truck accident                                TRUX


Agree with                                      GRI

Agree with me                               GRIM

Agree with that                             GRIJT

Agree with them                           GRIFM

Agree with this                              GRIJS

Agree with those                          GRIZ

Agree with us                                GRIF

Agree with you                              GRU

Agreed with                                   GRITD

Agreed with me                             GRIMD

Agreed with that                           GRIJTD

Agreed with them                         GRIFMD

Agreed with this                            GRIJD

Agreed with those                        GRIDZ

Agreed with us                              GRIFD

Agreed with you                            GRUD

Agreeing with                                GRIG

Agreeing with me                         GRIMG

Agreeing with that                        GRIJDZ

Agreeing with them                      GRIFMG

Agreeing with this                         GR*IJS

Agreeing with those                     GRIGZ

Agreeing with us                           GRUFG

Agreeing with you                        GRUG

Agrees with                                    GRIS

Agrees with me                             GRIMS

Agrees with that                            GRIJTS

Agrees with them                         GRIFMS


What is the question                                  WHAEK

What’s the question                                   WHA*EK

What is your question                                WHAURK

What’s your question                                 WHA*URK

Rephrase the question                               REFRK

Can you rephrase the question                  KUFRK

Can you repeat the question                      KURK

Let me rephrase the question                    LEFRK

Let me repeat the question                        LERK


At a                                                  TAOI

At a time                                         TAOIM

At all times                                     TAULTS

At any time                                     TNT

At no time                                      T-T

At one time                                    TWUNT

At that                                            TA

At that particular time                    TAPT

At that time                                    TAT

At the                                              TE

At the particular time                     TEPT

At the present                               TEP

At the present time                      TPT

At the same time                          TAOIMT

At the time                                     TET

At the times                                   TETS

At this                                              TI

At this particular time                  TIPT

At this time                                    TIT

At what time                                  TWHAT

At which time                                TWIT

At one                                             TWUNS


A while ago                      WHAOG

Hour ago                           HOURG

Hours ago                         HOURGS

Long ago                           LAONG

Minute ago                       MING

Minutes ago                     MINGZ

Moment ago                    MAOMG

Moments ago                  MAOMGS

Month ago                       MOG

Months ago                      MOGZ

Second ago                       SKAOG

Seconds ago                     SKAOGS

Some time ago                SMAOG

Week ago                         WAOEG

Weeks ago                        WAOEGS

Year ago                            YAOEG

Years ago                          YAOEGS


After all                             AUFRL

After all the                      AUFRLT

After her accident           AERX

After his accident            AIX

After my accident           AOIX

After that                          AFRT

After that accident          AFRZ

After the                           AFT

After the accident           AEX

After the divorce             AEFRS

After this                           AFJ

After this accident          AIFRX

After this impact             AIFKT

After this time                 AIFMT

After your accident         AURX

After your surgery          AUFRJ


Going to                           GOIT

Going to have                  GOIF

Going to do                      GOID

Going to go                      GOIG

Going to say                     GOIS

Going to see                     GOIZ

Going to be                      GOIB

Going to guess                 GOIGS

Going to give                    GOIFG

Going to make                 GOIM

Going to find                    GOIFND

Going to think                  GOINK

Going to understand      GOIND or GOINDZ

Going to remember       GOINRM

Going to recall                 GOIRL

Going to let                      GOILT

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